The Australian International Academy realizes and values the life - long benefit gained from exposure to our Performing Arts (Music, Drama & Movement to Music), Visual Arts, and Public Speaking programmes. These subjects enhance students’ self esteem, creativity and confidence, providing students with the ability to communicate articulately and confidently. Our program extends from Kindergarten to Year 10.

The Visual Arts program stimulates students’ creativity. Throughout their years with us they will have the opportunity to develop techniques, skills and an appreciation for art and the aesthetic. Our specialist art teachers and art laboratories establish a culture of creativity within our school. We have weekly art and craft activities in our Library lunch time program and the library also exhibits student work.

The Performing Arts program encourages students to improve their confidence when performing public presentations. Throughout their years with us they will have the opportunity to perform at a number or events, including school assemblies and the end of year school concert. There is also a school choir.

The Australian International Academy also realizes and values the life-long benefit gained from exposure to Public Speaking & Debating programmes. For some tips and games you may wish to view to enhance you or your child’s vocal projection and confidence with public speaking, please see the following document: Voice Projection Tips & Games: for Students, Parents & Teachers.